Logo Design & Development

Niche Ignite has a reputation when it comes to logos, just take a look at current artworks making a local impact, with a reach world- wide.  This is the back- bone of your business image and Niche Ignite take care to communicate a clear message that best represents your future growth.  A whole concept can be condensed into an original graphic, unique to your business.  A logo is fundamental to promotional activity and future growth.

Above are just a few examples of recent logos designed by Niche Ignite - To view other logos please check our portfolio page. View Portfolio

Logo Design & Development Process

  • Ideas

    Enjoy a consultation with Niche Ignite, guided by a questionnaire.  From these seeds of information a brief is generated.  This becomes the foundation of your logo design.

  • Design

    The Niche Ignite team brainstorm, sketch ideas and make an informed decision in- house which design best fits the client’s needs.  This digital graphic is presented to the client for review.

  • Develop

    The chosen concept is further developed into 3 different variations, based on the feedback at the design stage. 

  • Deliver

    Your choice of logo is developed into the 3 most common file formats with spot and process colour.

Complimentary Style Guide- building the brand.

As a standard Niche Ignite include a Logo Style Guide Document which includes information on use of your new logo design.  This document states colour code references (spot colour, process colour and screen colour codes) and recommendations for use from Niche Ignite.  It will become a crucial file intended to accompany any logo file supplied to contractors outside of your business, for example sign writers, commercial printers, website developers, other institutions or events with which your business may be involved with will present your brand consistently using this style guide.  It is important to also maintain use of the document internally by your staff so in-house documents and presentations remain consistent with your brand exposure.

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