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Niche Graphics, est. 1996

In the beginning Cain Lazenby was a freelance graphic designer, launching his business in the mid- nineties. His pre-press art work under the guise Niche Graphics began boosting businesses profiles on the North West and West Coast of Tasmania with growing demand. As the client demand evolved, so too did Niche Graphics, evolving into not just graphic design, but website development with tools for online marketing and professional presentation. Lazenby’s original designs and innovative concepts have had world- wide reach and have helped shaped the local region and Tasmania online.

Evolution to a brand - Niche Ignite 2014

Why we changed our name?

Niche Ignite reflects a new direction for the business.  “We have fire in our bellies”; creative director Cain is the driver for change.  Re-igniting a business profile is crucial to staying fierce in a competitive marketplace.

Why we changed our Logo?

Existing clients will miss the butterfly logo that has been the wings to the graphic design business over the past 18 years.   The second stage of metamorphosis has occurred.  Niche Ignite will light up new areas of expansion for clients into the online world. Fuelled by creativity; Niche is about igniting the full potential of its own and, you the clients companies, with top quality graphics for multimedia and web development.

It doesn’t stop there as we have a few new divisions reaching our clients following the same consistencies created through our new look branding, but enhancing the existing services further.

How does ‘branding’ work for Niche Ignite?

Niche Ignite is positioned to fulfil several key solutions, fundamental to website development. There is a degree of flexibility with these services to meet varying budgets and respond to all needs under one roof. These key elements are now divided but united under the consistent name “Niche”. Niche hosting, Niche domains, Niche ABC (Adobe Business Catalyst), Niche CMS (content management software) and the parent and founding business being Niche Graphics.

It doesn’t stop here. There will be new divisions of Niche Ignite created through our new look branding. Expanding our services and enhancing the business (and yours) further.

How has rebuilding the Niche Ignite Website worked?

New website development skills and a host of recent major works are shown on this website. There is a good presentation of diversity; note the different client’s needs and how Niche Ignite has responded to each brief with professionalism and creativity. Niche Ignite is exposing a new face through social media, using this platform for marketing and inviting clients to follow by example. This refreshed website for Niche Ignite also is a simplified means of detailing the services and recent changes undertaken with the rebrand. As a client you can get an idea of the software at your disposal, see how better to manage your work flow, update your business online for the future and be exposed to future products as they are available for your use.

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