We now bring responsive design to your clients email - Niche e-letter solutions for email Marketing.

Responsive e-Marketing solution

Watch 2 Minute demo above - Super Simple

Start using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform to launch your market directly to your clients/customers with ease and style. We have completed the design, development, integration and testing of our new email marketing templates. These e-templates are built and tested with responsive design techniques so we are ahead of the game using the ABC Platform for e-marketing directly to mobile devices. Niche Ignites e-templates are also integrated with the very cool and new ICE (in Context Editor), which makes it so so simple for you, our clients to use and we have nailed down editable elements so you can’t break it. We are ready to show you how easy it is to use, so give us a call.

Use this email marketing tool!

We set out to develop a “E-mail Marketing solution” which is easy to use, almost unbreakable for our Niche ABC (Adobe Business Catalyst) clients, and make our end users (customers/clients) experience professional and compatible on many devices including mobiles.

Our Solution – Niche e-letters

These Niche e-letter templates are ours and have been built from the ground up with support from experts and then tailored internally for the ABC platform, so we can support the solution and direct you on how best to deliver your content within campaigns direct to your customer lists right from the ABC platform.

ICE (In Context Editor)

The timing of Adobe’s new ICE editor upgrades has allowed us to take advantage of this for our clients. Some of the amazing features applied to this e-letter solution can be applied to your website as well to make that even easier to update and maintain. Ask us for a demo!

Niche - Responsive

We brought our clients responsive websites with great results for user experience, positive feedback from all using the new framework.

Again we have applied responsive design principles (where possible) to these e-letter templates allowing for a smooth experience with amazing results on a multitude of devices and email applications.

We practice what we preach and are now using this as part of our internal market strategy

Responsive Websites

We are excited by recent multi screen compatible methods and with this in mind we have invested time in knowledge of responsive website design.

Watch the above movie to get a clear idea of how this amazing design method works.

Design for mobile

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